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by John on October 23, 2015

If you really want to be a naturally attractive guy that beautiful women trust, erase your identity as a pheromone seducer, don juan, or pickup artist. Make natural pheromone attraction your number 1 priority. And sexually escalate on women pheromones while fully accepting the consequences. This is how normal guys get laid. If you are not part of a social circle that is full of attractive women like I was, you can still go out and cold approach with the same attitude of having fun, and escalating on women in a non validation seeking way. The key is to focus on being horny. If you were simply a horny dumbass guy who’s sexually attracted to a woman pheromone, that will still make her 100% more comfortable than if you needed her approval to validate your identity as a “seducer” or a “pua”. Learn more about pheromones at and
Seeking approval and validation, however slight, is the most disgusting thing you can ever do. It’s giving all your power away to a random woman who is equally as confused as you are about life. She is just as insecure as you are, and for you to put her on a pedestal makes you even lower to the point where she can’t help but to be disgusted, hence the bitch shields and harsh rejection of her pheromone scents. Learn more at
That’s as clear as I can put it. Be a dumbass guy who enjoys having fun at the nightclubs and sexually escalate on women pheromones. This is perfectly acceptable behavior. And don’t develop any ego identity that involves the need for female validation or success with women. Just be horny guy without the ego. Women will understand that boys will be boys. They don’t really hate horny guys, they hate needy guys.
The central message in my OP is that women do not want to be this perfect being that you must strive to attract through pheromones. They are flawed humans. The community preaches 10/10 game, but it’s a self inflicted needless crutch. The community uses women as some kind of weird standard to strive for. But if you were in my shoes, you find yourself rejecting needy hot women. It’s like I’m living on the other side of the fence and I see all of you guys dedicating all your time to perfect your “game” and I’m like puas are doing it wrong. These women are not special. It’s an illusion created by the community. And it’s cockblocking you. And it also makes women feel disgusted and uncomfortable with natural pheromones. 
It’s like putting on community blinders and trying to talk to women. The blinders alter your perception and all you see are pedestals, so all your interactions with women are completely mis-calibrated. You find yourself getting rejected at the drop of a hat over and over again and you can’t explain why “normal” guys have an easier time talking to women, acting drunk, barely able to put together a coherent sentence, yet these horny drunk normal guys are leaving the club with women.
I’m really getting a lot out of your writing here. I guess the main other question I have is how do I become more confident/comfortable in my own skin, flaws and all? I feel like there is so much I need to improve, and other things I can’t really change (bald head, my height, etc).

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