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by John on December 6, 2015

There any many popular ingredients for Vigx Plus.  Artemisia abrotanum: Southemwood, old man, lad’s love, boy’s love
If but a branch be laid under the bed’s head, they say it provoketh venerie. Gerarde, 1636 Southemwood was grown in every cottage garden for its aromatic fragrance and dense gray foliage. The slightest contact with the plant fills the air with its lemon-like scent. The dried herb makes an agreeable herb tea if not steeped too long. The plant was formerly in great repute as a cordial against hysterics and to strengthen the stomach of a weak person. Learn more about male supplements at http://infospeak.org/?p=152 and http://thongchaimedical.org/?p=134
A. absinthium: Wormwood
Absinthe is a liqueur concocted from wormwood and is said to have powerful aphrodisiac properties when not overindulged. The oil of wormwood and the habitual use of absinthe liqueur are narcotic poisons. The herb used as a tea is very popular in Europe in domestic practice for debility and enfeebled digestion. It is considered a tonic, stomachic, febrifuge and anthelmintic. The weak infusion, either made with hot water or the herb steeped in cold water is not toxic if not habitually used and made only with the flowering tops of the herb. Artichokes. (See Cynara scolymus) Artocarpus heter-phyllus: jak fruit tree Tavera says that, according to Father Mercado, the roasted seeds have an aphrodisiac action. Quisumbing. Millspaugh wrote (1887), “The aphrodisiac herb is so rank that man, the jackass, and caterpiller are the only animals that will eat it.” The burs of burdock have distributed this foreign plant over much of America. Check out more male supplements at http://swankyseven.com/?p=6
HERBAL Supplements
The jak fruit is one of the largest borne by any tree; it ranges in weight from twenty to thirty pounds, but in tropical Asia some varieties produce fruits attaining a weight of seventy to eighty pounds. The soft whitish pulp contains numerous large, nut-like seeds which constitute a valuable part of the fruit. The roasted seeds are a valuable food, and are much relished throughout the tropics. _ Sturrock Ash tree. (See Fraxinus excelsior) Asparagus officinalis: Asparagus The roots are thought to increase seed and stir up lust. Gerarde, 1636
The infusion of asparagus roots drank every Morning several Days together excites Venereal Desire. Short, 1746
As a food, asparagus is rich. Like germinating peas and beans, it contains an abundance of aminosuccinamic acid, or asparagine, so called as it was isolated first from asparagus. Burkill Aspilia latifolia: Haemorrhage plant
Amongst the Hausas the superstitious uses are prominent, as a love philtre, etc.; a charm prepared from the plant and tied around the forehead attracts the “glad eye”; or a youth hides the plant in a maiden’s house.
In Liberia it is said the plant is preferred as a haemostatic to any European remedy and to be extraordinarily effective in stopping bleeding, even from a severed artery, as well as inducing rapid healing of the wound. The fresh plant is always used. Dalziel
Avena satina: Oats
It is a most useful remedy in all cases of nervous exhaustion, general debility, nervous palpitation of the heart, insomnia, inability.  to keep the mind fixed upon any one subject, etc.; more especially when any or all of these troubles is apparently due to nocturnal emissions, masturbation, over—sexual intercourse, and the like. For these disorders it is truly specific.

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