Raid Recovery For Raid 5

by John on January 27, 2015

Toronto RAID 5 data recovery

Till the day arrived that I needed it, I was not aware of RAID hard disk data recovery, and had an idea that once you loose any data due to hard disk crash, it is gone for ever. I have always thought so and recommended my child, wife that computer is a delicate machine and we should handle it carefully. But, you know, accidents are quite unavoidable and the protection can never be planned.

RAID 5 is considered fault tolerant because it can survive the failure of a single disk. The faulty disk can be hot swapped and the data therein can be rebuilt by using the parity information. However, sometimes the RAID 5 adaptor fails and it is then not possible to migrate the array to another adapter. The result is that you now have all your data spread across the different disks that make up the RAID 5 array but they cannot be accessed. A GTech server fault software recovery program or company comes in handy in this situation.

The fix is to archive those old files or find information out on data recovery in raid 5s. I took an spare hard drive I had and bought an external case and use it to store all my old recipes, documents, etc.

RAID Data Recovery is a powerful form of data recovery. It can perform RAW recovery while the normal recovery methods are of no effect. It can also recover deleted, lost, damaged and formatted data from hard drive or partition.

When using RAID always make sure that you stop your system from overheating. If it gets overheated, then it may damage its circuit board. If the circuit broad is damaged, then the computer would stop working leading towards loss of data.

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