Try these New Party Game on your Child’s Birthday

by John on April 11, 2014

The right/left game

A twist on Pass the Parcel. Compose a narrative (possibly based on the style of your party) and make sure to utilize the words ‘right’ and ‘left’ often throughout. At times utilize them one after another e.g. The queen left the palace and turned right so she stood right in front of the labyrinth.

Wrap a present in paper and the children should pass it on to their left or right each time they hear the words ‘left’ or ‘right’ in the tale. The individual holding the parcel at the end of the tale gets to open it.

Peg treasure hunt.

An easy treasure hunt to arrange and one that is excellent fun. Mark wood pegs with various colored dots in felt pens. Give each color a number of point (e.g. green = 2 points, yellow = 3 etc). Then conceal the pegs all over the room, residence or yard. Send the youngsters off to hunt as many pegs as they can find. When they hand them in, count up who has the most points and honor rewards. You can even have one golden peg for a huge reward too.


The tray video game.

Put a selection of little gifts on a tray. Then deal out a pack of cards so each visitor has a pile. Turn over another pack of cards one by one. The person who has the matching card selects a gift and hides it behind them. The next individual to have a matching card can either pick another gift or request for one of the presents currently won. They must remember where it is to ask ‘Ben – can I have your toy vehicle please’. Continue until all the cards have been played. Frequently one gift changes hands numerous times and it can be great enjoyable swiping it!


Exactly what’s in the socks?

Hang a variety of socks around the room and in each place an object – possibly a peg, crucial, want cone or some marshmallows. Number each sock and hand each visitor a notepad with the numbers and space to compose their guesses. Visitors have to go round the space, feel each sock and guess what is inside, writing their responses on the paper.


The postman.

One person is chosen to be the postman and is blindfolded. Provide the other guests the name of a place other than one who is the leader and has a list of all the areas. The leader then calls ‘The post is going from London to York’ and the visitors named have to switch seats. The postman tries to capture them before they do so. When ‘basic post’ is called everybody swaps seats. Whoever is captured becomes the postman.

More party games.

If you are looking for more ideas we have more party games to pick from, plus 25 games assured to make your celebration go with a swing. An excellent variety of interesting games to play, from the conventional to the brand-new.

Our celebrations section is crammed with ideas, everything from regional performers and venues to employ to ideas for party bags and party food. As soon as you have checked out for ideas ensure you are all arranged with our Children Party Checklist. Good luck!

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