Why not go into a relationship if use pheromones?

by John on February 6, 2015

I have been using pheromones a lot lately. I’m currently in a relationship. We’ve been going at it for about 1.5 years. We were Fuck buddies for 6months before i got into a relationship with her. The decision was made after I started using pheromones for a while and I could tell it was making her feel attracted to me according to http://buy-pheromones.org and http://pheromones-experts.com.
Why not go into a relationship if use pheromones?
After using pheromones I’d say 75% of me wanted to get into the relationship and the other 25% just wanted something lighter.
As time continued we became less respectful towards each other, bitching at each other for each others personal flaws… There’s a side of me that dislikes her for being dependant on me. I dont pay all her bills, but lets just say I do most of the groceries; which is how it should be right. Especially as i stay at her place 3-4days a week.
But lately alot of shit has been bothering me since she is no longer attracted to my natural pheromones found at http://thongchaimedical.org/?p=30.
She loves me (I think… as hugs feel genuine) and she’s interested more into me than I’m into her… But after arguments and breaking up (were broke up several times, which I did). And every time that happens, she does think I’m not too happy  with which makes me distrust her. (last time i broke up with her, she went clubbing and asked a friends phone number). Is it possible she is no longer attracted to me human pheromones?
Increasing Our Natural Pheromones
In order to sustain our sexual attraction, we have to recapture both our ability to respond to and to reciprocate with sexually stimulated pheromones. Sexual secretions transmit pheromonal odors that are both conscious and subconscious to our awareness. To paraphrase Alan Alda’s character in The Four Seasons, “Sexuality is born in wetness,” to which a character played by Rita Moreno responds, “It’s easier that way.” Indeed, it is not only our sexual “juice” that helps us in the actual physical mechanics of sexual intercourse, but the ability to produce these secretions serves as both an impetus and a way to sustain healthy sexual desire. Moisture abets sexual performance, and provides olfactory pleasure, which serves to reinforce emotional interest in our partner.
Seen from a different light, consider that for many people, odor awareness often declines with advancing age. In some cases this loss of pheromonal awareness has been blamed on zinc deficiency that also relates to loss of taste and the problems of immuno-deficiency. Loss of pheromones awareness is a diagnostic loss that is a defining factor in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Whatever the inter-related physiologic mechanisms that govern the maintenance of our youth or sexuality, we need to be able to smell and be smelled. One of the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, senile dementia, is the loss of odor awareness before intellectual loss may be clearly apparent. With pheromones you can get the women of your dreams!

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